Three Islands Lifestyle combines the clean lines of classic American casual wear with vibrant, hand-made batik prints produced by Balinese artisans. The result is a fun and colorful collection of easy-to-wear apparel and swimwear for the whole family that conjures the feeling of sun on your skin, salt in your hair, and sand in your toes.

Created by cousins, Justin Goff and Phil Barney, Three Islands Lifestyle was born of their love for all things sun, sand and surf. It began with childhood summers spent together on the shores of Watch Hill, Rhode Island where each long day on the water ended with family and friends on the beach watching the sun set.

In search of adventure and surf, they traveled to another island paradise, Bali, where they met a gifted tailor making beautiful men’s shirts from local, hand-screened batik fabrics. When Justin and Phil returned with a suitcaseful, friends and family simply couldn’t get enough.They realized they had discovered something special, and returned to Indonesia with big plans and their first order for 2000 shirts. That was five years and 50,000 miles ago.

Today, the cousins continue to travel the world, design and develop their collection. More than just a brand of clothing for Justin and Phil, Three Islands Lifestyle is a sun-drenched, light-filled, happy state of mind that embraces and celebrates life. They invite you to join them there on a third island – an island of your imagining, filled with endless days in the sand and surf that last long past summer.

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