Growing up, my dad, Lyman’s wise advice was to “Live life outside the box.” So, I went for it. In 1999, I left my small Rhode Island town and moved to Bali to start a furniture exporting business with two friends. I fell in love with pretty much everything about the island—the food, the beaches, and the fact that everyone is smiling all the time. Bali is not only the most beautiful place in the world, but to me, it feels like the happiest. I quickly swapped my polos and t-shirts for a new uniform—a permanent smile and batik shirts made by an amazing local tailor, Pandu. I loved how they made me feel—instantly in vacation mode. 

In 2009, my cousin, Phil Barney, and I had the idea to sell the shirts back in the U.S. We loaded stacks of them in my Dad’s truck and sold them up and down the East Coast. The response was incredible. Guys told us they loved how they felt when they wore our colorful shirts—a little cooler, lighter, and way more fun. 

After launching with our Bali Shirts, Three Islands was born. In 2012, we opened our first shop in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, adding women’s and kids’ clothes. Then in 2015, I met my wife, Tika, a Balinese swimwear designer, and we got married the following year. We now are proud parents of little Lyman, who is a fantastic ambassador for our brand that merges styles and cultures. 

This year, we’ve been updating Three Islands with some fresh designs and patterns, plus a new website. We are still working with our original tailor Pandu, our long-time Bali operations manager, Wayan, and now Tika has joined the Three Islands family. It’s really an exciting new time for the brand.

People often ask why we’re called Three Islands. It’s because my story started in Rhode Island (yes, I know it’s not really an island!). Then some time spent in New Zealand growing up with my family, which really ignited my love of adventure. And finally, my life was really transformed in Bali. That whole island vibe has become so much about who I am and what our brand is. It’s about getting back to basics and having fun. Turning off the phone and picking up a good book. Spending time with family and friends. Taking a siesta in a hammock. Going on a bike ride to get ice cream. 

At Three Islands we love prints and colors that make you smile. Good vibes and happy clothes that put a little sunshine in your closet. We believe in making great quality pieces in timeless styles that will become your go-to favorites. Live happy, wear happy.